Welcome to our Reformers Unanimous Chapter at Lakecrest! We are excited to see what God is doing in and through us as we yield to his leading! Reformers Unanimous is a discipleship course that establishes a real and lasting relationship with the Lord. It is not only for those struggling with addictions now or in the past, it is also for those who have been affected by the addicted, giving you freedom of forgiveness and love as you allow God’s grace to work through you.

Many people in our churches today live a boring, uneventful, redundant Christian life out of duty. God has the abundant Christian life waiting for you! Watch your life transform as you learn to apply the nine Fruits of the Spirit, create a prayer life with two way communication, and have God’s Word come alive as He speaks to you, again and again, as for the first time! Reformers is where you go when life happens to you. Living in this sin-cursed world; it’s bound to happen, but don’t let the sin bind you. In John 8:32 the Bible says, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” As an RU guest, no questions will be asked. Isn’t it time to allow God to give you the life He meant for you to have?

Please join us every Friday evening at 7:00 pm, and let the truth make you free… finally.
Call us for more information at (248) 681-3214.